blessing way

Blessingways honor life’s transitions

blessing way

Blessingway ceremonies can be used as an important ritual to mark important transitions in a woman’s life such as:

  • Starting menstrual cycle
  • Getting married
  • Becoming a mother
  • Losing a child
  • Going to school
  • Graduating from school
  • Getting divorced
  • Health concerns
  • Career change
  • Menopause

Blessingways are the opportunity to connect with the supportive women in your life. A Blessingway is the opportunity to honor a woman and celebrate her. It can also be a chance to offer her loving support during the ebbs and flows of her life.

Blessingways have spiritual aspects that refresh and revive a woman and increase her strength. She will be able to take the power of a Blessingway and the energy of those women close to her to assist and help her cope through any transition that she may face.

It is so important that we take the time to honor and empower women.

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