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Videos on the politics, status, and history of childbirth

Childbirth Discussion Videos

Childbirth is a topic that is vast, dating back to the beginning of time. Childbirth is also political as well as scientific and spiritual. There is much to learn, understand, and discuss.

CPI has compiled a list of videos that can add to the conversation about the state of birth in the present and past tense. The following videos also share data, research, history, and key information to know about childbirth and maternal health.

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This is Birth

This is birth with Lisa Ling — a five part documentary that discusses personal stories and the crisis in America maternity health care. (watch entire video)

Why Not Home

Why Not Home examines homebirth by hearing the voices of nurses and physicians discussing the issues that surround deficiencies in maternal health care in the United States. It looks at the benefits of homebirth. This documentary is for rent or purchase (details at website).

The Face of Birth

The Face of Birth – Australia conversation about the politics and rights of women to give birth how they wish. Explores cultural context of childbirth. (video website)

Mama Sherpas

Mamas Sherpas – documentary explores how midwives can help the maternity crisis in the United States (details at website)

Heads Up

Heads Up – documentary discusses why breech vaginal birth is no longer an option for women. (details at website)

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