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Birth Matters

How women experience birth matters. Incredible inner power, courage, and strength can be found within the birth process.

Starting at conception and then continuing, women begin through pregnancy and birth to understand their bodies and lives in ways they may never have comprehended before. To produce a human being that has a heart that beats, lungs that breathe, eyes that see, and a mind that thinks is no small feat.

Once a woman has given birth she should know nothing exists that she cannot do…

Each woman and each baby will experience birth differently and there is no wrong or right way.

  • Natural birth
  • Medicated birth
  • Induced birth
  • Cesarean birth
  • Water birth
  • Home birth

It is important women have the freedom and ability to decide how to give birth. Women should have a diversity of birthing choices available within their health care system and community. Birth is both personal and specific to each individual woman.

Not only is a child born, but a mother. Women must be supported in every way as they give birth. Conception starts a woman on her journey. Through pregnancy and childbirth she will find the intuition, wisdom, and strength needed for motherhood.

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