Four questions to ask

Four questions to ask in pregnancy

Pregnancy and childbirth are important events for a woman and her family. It is important that women feel empowered through the process. Part of feeling empowered is getting the answers to all your questions. Never feel pressured to make decisions in your pregnancy and childbirth. You have the right to consider how you feel, to consider your health and your babies health, to reflect upon all the information you have been given, and then make any decisions.

The following four “W” words can assist you to make informed decisions about your pregnancy and childbirth health care. Ask the following: why, why not, what else, wait.

1. Why?

Ask why this is a good option. Make sure you understand and agree with the reasons why.

2. Why not?

Ask your care provider why this is not a good option. List your reasons why not to give your consent to proceed.

3. What else?

Find out what else you can try. Before making a decision you should learn about all other possible options.

4. Wait!

Can you wait? All decisions don’t have to be made right away. Sometimes patience and time bring a better result.


A printable handout is available below to remember the 4 W’s. Childbirth professionals may use as a birth class teaching tool.

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