doula business advice

Doula Business Advice on Policies

What are your policies to guide and effectively run your business?

You know the saying when doing business, “Put it in writing.”  It is so true.  As you build your birth business it is important to plainly state in writing your fees, services, and policies.

Business flows well when the buying and selling parties are clear about expectations.  For a birth business owner the most important things to clarify to the families you serve are:

  • Your prices and services
  • When payment is due
  • Your refund and cancellation policies

Once you have decided upon these expectations, it is important to stand by them and not compromise.  Before doing business with anyone make sure they are clear about your policies.  For example, if someone asks you for a refund it should only be given if the conditions of your refund policy are met.  So if you have stated that no refunds are given after 30 days, then you should not compromise your policy.

Having clear policies for running your birth business will lead to your success, and without them you are vulnerable to costly misunderstandings.

How many times have you been told the check is in the mail?  Create a policy to only accept online payments and never wait for a check again.  You’ll be glad you did.