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Birth Basics Online Class, $49

birth basics classWhat’s the Birth Basics online class?

The birth basics online class is similar to “lamaze” preparing expectant parents for childbirth. The class will cover the labor process and teach practical breathing, relaxation, and comfort techniques.

— Moms-to-be will gain confidence and trust in their bodies.

— Dads and family members will learn strategies to be helpful.

— Families will understand how to write a birth plan and discuss options with healthcare providers

birth basics classWhen should I take the Birth Basics Class?

You can take these classes whenever you are ready to do so in your pregnancy. It doesn’t matter if you are 1 month pregnant or 9 months pregnant.

These childbirth classes are a great option for pregnant families:

— Take classes on demand; any time you decide

— Excellent for moms limited to bed rest

— Perfect for those needing last minute “birth boot camp” or “lamaze class”

— Works great as a childbirth refresher class too

birth basics classWhat does this class include?

The Birth Basics class is comprehensive covering key points to prepare for childbirth.
**3 bonus classes are included:

Birth BasicsNew Baby Class

Medications class  cesarean class


birth basics classWho Will Be My teacher?

Dee, a certified childbirth educator and doula, will guide you through the class. She has been a childbirth professional for 20 years and is passionate about helping prepare families for the transformative experience. She taught for 15 years at Kaiser Permanente hospital and now teaches private classes.

She is available for personal live chats for an additonal fee.

birth basics classWill I Be Bored?

No, absolutely not! The class is designed to include videos and activities so it is practical and interactive. You will be guided to use labor coping techniques right away. Organized into brief segments so you can instantly practice breathing and relaxation methods.

birth basics classCan I take this class if I don’t want natural birth but an epidural?

Yes! The course prepares couples for all birth experiences: natural, use of medication, and cesarean.

birth basics classDo I need to take this class with my spouse or significant other?

No. Not at all. Although, it would be great if you could. The course will includes practice techniques for another person to learn, in order to comfort and support you during labor.

birth basics classHow long will it take To Finish?

That’s up to you! Go at your own pace. From start to finish as short as 90 min, but if you are invested to participate and use the strategies it will take a little longer.

birth basics classHow Long Can I Access this Birth Class?

6 months. If you need more time it is an additional $29 fee for 6 months. Purchase 1 year access upfront for $69.

birth basics classCan I start right away?

Yes! Once your payment is processed you can logon and start.

Enrollment Options

  • $49 Online class (6 month access)
  • $69 Online class (1 year access)
  • $90 Online class (6 month access) and one 30 min chat with instructor
  • $125 Online class (1 year access) and two 30 min chats with instructor

All fees are non refundable.

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