e) Billing and Payment

get paid

Think through how you will collect payment for your services.

You want to be clear and upfront about your payment and refund policies. Be specific and put it in writing when payments are due.

Many doula business owners split their fees into payments requiring 50% to retain their services, and the remaining balance due the last month of pregnancy, perhaps between 34-38 weeks.

If you are using Paypal or Square to process payments then you can arrange for an invoice to be sent to your clients with a link to pay.

If you have a website you can create a page for your services and have clients pay for your services through your website. What’s nice about having them pay through your website is the “up sell” in which they buy more than they originally intended.

At your website you can offer other services and products for them to consider. Where as a straight invoice or bill would not allow you to do that.

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