Placenta teaching tool for childbirth education

The placenta is so super amazing…

1. The only disposable organ

2. Supplies nutrients and oxygen

3. Produces essential hormones

4. Provides protecting antibodies

5. Serves as filter

6. Starts breastmilk production

7. Balances postpartum moods

And much more…

We found this beautiful placenta model that is handcrafted by a doula. Unfortunately she is no longer creating them. However, this is an excellent idea for another talented birth professional to consider creating to expand your income. Check out this pattern to knit a placenta.


(Purchase Placenta Model)

The placenta model can be used to teach many topics such as:

– All about 3rd & 4th stages of labor

– How the placenta functions

– Discuss postpartum emotions

– The bleeding after birth

– Placenta encapsulation benefits

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  1. In the hospital where i work we no longer do water births or use the berthing ball. This is very unfortunate because when we did those moms were very relaxed an in control of their labors and our breastfeeding rates were higher

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