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Become a Doula Trainer

Birth, Maternal Health, & Related Topics

This course gives the practical skills necessary to facilitate successful training workshops teaching doulas, childbirth educators, lactation consultants, nurses, midwives, and other childbirth professionals.

Are you a doula? Have you ever considered training other doulas?

Do you know techniques or research that would be helpful for professionals to learn who work with pregnant women and their families? Such as movement techniques, evidence based care practices, midwifery/nursing practices, creative strategies, nutrition info, breastfeeding techniques, cultural awareness of birth practices, and there’s so much more…

Share your talent and knowledge

The train the trainer workshop is not just for doulas… it’s for anyone who would like to conduct workshops teaching others.

The train the trainer workshop will provide practical information on how to develop your ideas for a workshop, write curriculum, market your workshop, and most importantly turn a profit. You will learn from a workshop facilitator who has trained doulas, childbirth educators, nurses, midwives, and physicians around the world. See bio.

Do you feel like you are meant to do so much more?

You may be a doula trainer already, but perhaps you feel stifled…like your wings are clipped. If you know you are meant to do so much more then you must attend this training!

be great

Trainer’s Make Good Money in a Weekend

The wonderful aspect of being a trainer is the ability to make your whole month’s salary in a weekend or two. Successful trainers can do quite well and that’s a fact not a sales pitch. Do your own research and find out what a doula trainer and those leading other similar workshops can earn. The return is great for your investment to become a trainer.

Course Objectives

– Understand strategies to run a successful and profitable training business

– Understand negotiation techniques, contract writing, marketing, social media savvy, and basic web design

– Develop curriculum and implement concepts for various workshops

РLearn basics to create workshop materials, manage marketing, and communicate effectively with students using Chromebook

– Evaluate how to effectively operate as a trainer either independently, as employee, or as exclusive contractor of an organization

Participants will receive a Chromebook laptop to keep


After taking this course you have the opportunity to partner as a CPI trainer (click to apply)


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Refund Policy

Without exception all refund requests must be submitted in writing 30 days before workshop is scheduled to begin. A nonrefundable fee of $75 will be retained in all cases. Late cancellations receive a credit to attend same workshop at any location within 1 year. Credits are not transferable to a different attendee. We extend our empathy to anyone experiencing an unforeseen circumstance including personal or family illness or an emergent event. You may request a credit to attend another workshop at any location within 1 year.

Cancellation Policy

We reserve the right to cancel any workshop in response to circumstances beyond our control. In the event of cancellation, registration fees will be refunded.