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Basic Supply List for Childbirth Educators


I intend to teach private classes in my home. What essential supplies would you recommend for a new childbirth class business starting out?


We would recommend to keep it simple. Do not purchase expensive supplies. Parents don’t need a lot of flash. They come to childbirth classes mostly wanting to learn breathing and relaxation techniques. Expecting mothers want to be affirmed and gain confidence in their bodies’ abilities to give birth.

Having your own confidence and inner wisdom about the birth process is a teaching tool that you cannot buy. This is an abstract task, but we encourage childbirth educators to nurture their understanding about the power of birth and pass it along to those they serve.

And to those that need something concrete here is a short list:

Essential Childbirth Class Supplies

pelvis model

Posters of Anatomy

Video clips

Birth tools

Music for relaxation

Class booklets or Handouts

Pelvic model (buy here)

placenta    Classic Posters


Birth tools – Definitely a birth ball. Get as many of the items listed from this post that you can click here!. Check your local dollar store.

Posters of Anatomy“Childbearing: The classic series flip chart”

Placenta modelread post

Video clips – YouTube Labor and Birth clip from Baby Center

Music – Instrumental music works best for breathing practices. Read this post for relaxation apps.

Class bookletsComfort in Labor; a free download and Mother’s Advocate handouts

PowerPoint is not essential I suggest you just start teaching and worry about tech stuff later. However, if you feel the need to use it The Family Way $35 is a good option for anatomy slides.

With these basic tools your childbirth class business will be off to a successful start!

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