CPI Train the Trainer program

Train the Trainer

Become a Trainer

We are seeking talented childbirth professionals to partner with CPI as trainers leading workshops. This is a contract partnership position. Trainers would set their own fees. Income is approximately $2,000-$5000 per workshop led.


Childbirth Educator

Doula Birth and Postpartum

Birth Yoga Educator

Breastfeeding Specialist

Specialty trainings/new programs

Reasons to Become a Trainer

Trainers have the opportunity to influence the childbirth profession mentoring others. You will be able to earn income from workshop fees. You get the chance to travel to different cities and network with other professionals. You will be able to use your talents in new ways.


Engaging public speaker, sense of humor, works well independently, passionate about maternal child health issues, determined spirit, strong organizational skills, above average social media skills, team player, open minded, college graduate


Our trainers can be located in any state or country.


We are accepting applicants on an ongoing basis.


Candidates seeking to become CPI trainers must have experience and certification in the role to which they are applying.

Send a typed document with all of the following information.  (Click to email)

  1. Name, email, phone number.
  2. Why would you be an amazing trainer?
  3. What do you know about CPI?
  4. What subject/specialty will you teach?
  5. Tell us about your business experience?
  6. What are your computer or technical skills?
  7. What are your Social media accounts?
  8. Include a resume if you have one prepared.

Next Steps after applying

Accepted applications will be contacted for a phone interview.

All approved applicants would be required to pay for and complete Train the Trainer’s Course.

Fee is $800. 

The course will be held on Zoom for 3 (90 minute) sessions, and will be scheduled by appointment. 

This course will be taught one on one by the faculty leadership of CPI. The course will prepare students to begin their work as CPI trainers empowering childbirth professionals.

Trainer Course Topics

  • About the training business
  • Creating an impactful training
  • Effective course facilitation
  • Marketing strategies



Reach out to us if you have any questions about this incredible business opportunity.

Call/Text 916-525-7596

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