breastfeeding week

10 Ways to support World Breastfeeding Week August 1-7

Breastfeeding is important!

This first week of August is the opportunity to up the awareness of the power, necessity, and still much over looked importance of breastfeeding.

How to contribute during WBW week

1. Share your breastfeeding stories with others

2. Share your breastfeeding wisdom

3. Talk about your breastfeeding challenges

4. Ask questions about breastfeeding

5. Promote books, films, websites, and other breastfeeding resources like:

6. Join the conversation on Twitter using hashtags #WorldBreastfeedingWeek #NBM20 #SupportBreastfeeding #NormalizeBreastfeeding #BlackMomsBreastfeed

7. Take a breastfeeding class

8. Teach a breastfeeding class

9. Evaluate what support do breastfeeding families have at your job or in your community…Is it breastfeeding friendly? Is a lactation room available?

10. Become a Breastfeeding Specialist

If you do one thing on this list then you have made a contribution to World Breastfeeding Week. Helping out feels good…right!

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