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women of color

Multicultural Representation in Childbirth Education materials

Non white individuals are not well represented in childbirth education materials. So how exciting to happen upon a website which ...
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Your journey

Birth Professionals Share Your Career Story in New Book

Our audience would like to hear all about your career journey as a childbirth professional. Revision of the CPI book ...
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Called to Childbirth

2018 Update of Book “Called to the Childbirth Profession”

Hooray! CPI will be releasing a revision of the popular book Called to the Childbirth Profession, in July 2018. This ...
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changing maternity care

Toolkit to Change Disrespect and Abuse in Prenatal & Maternity Care

#metoo is the voiceless finding voice, finally! Yet, what about countless women who are abused while receiving prenatal and maternity ...
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Nursing help of doula

Breastfeeding Specialist Certification

Requirements There are three steps to complete certification as a breastfeeding specialist: 1. Take Breastfeeding Specialist Training Course (click) 2 ...
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Class Handouts

Non English Birth Class Handouts

This is a list of free non-English childbirth class handouts and other resources for childbirth educators whose primary language is ...
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eating in labor

Women Can Eat During Labor

It takes 10 years or longer for medical research to become medical practice. Research does show that no adverse effects ...
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about cpi doulas

About CPI

Contact Call/Text 916-525-7596 Click to Email About Childbirth Professionals International (CPI) was founded in 1996. We are a continuing education ...
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cloud computing

Essential Cloud Computing skills for Childbirth Professionals

Learn hacks and how to complete essential tasks to get things done, save money, and impress clients. Cloud Computing skills ...
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pregnancy handout

Real advice helps women deal with pregnancy discomforts

You're growing a tiny Human and It's HARD work! This is the title of a wonderful pregnancy class handout with ...
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online course option

Childbirth Educator Training online course

Cohort Option The online childbirth educator course is an interactive experiential evidence based training. Participants should expect to be involved, ...
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doula websites

Top Websites to List Your Birth Business

Your birth business should have a strong online presence.  You know the new saying is, "If you are not online, ...
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doulas popular

Demand for Birth Doulas increasing

Evidence shows that doulas improve childbirth outcomes: a lot. Women that use doulas have higher birth weight babies, have less ...
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Using a Rebozo for Birth Archive

The following rebozo posters are for reference and were previously available for purchase, but are currently out of print. Rebozo ...
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SAHM job

Childbirth Educator is perfect job for Stay at Home Moms

I've been a childbirth educator for 20 years, and from my personal experience it's a great job for a mom ...
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Rebozo Techniques Self Study Resources

This post contains videos and links to information about the Rebozo. We will continue to add more resources so keep ...
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