Power of Women

Women Know How to Give Birth

Book discusses the power of a woman’s body to give birth. Read online drafts and follow the live progress on the road to publication. The author writes to affirm and support women desiring a natural birth experience.

5. My Birth Experience

I will tell you my story, but not all at once.

To begin, I decided to give birth at home.

I came to that decision because I was employed as a childbirth educator and doula before I became pregnant. My professional work allowed me to obtain information and understand the process of birth before I experienced it. With the knowledge I had, I concluded that the best option for me when I became pregnant was to give birth at home with a licensed midwife.

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1. This is Your Journey

In the moment you discover you’re pregnant your existence changes. Your body now contains another heart, mind, and soul.

Without human effort your body begins a transformation to nurture and grow a child. At the beginning of your pregnancy you may feel ambivalent, scared and unsure, wondering if you have what you need to travel along this journey — pregnancy, birth, and motherhood.

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labor privacy

Women need privacy to give birth

A much overlooked tool in helping women through birth is providing privacy. This may just be to simple.

When women are undisturbed they are able to let go focus within and allow their bodies to do what they need to do. But when women are disturbed in labor they may feel inhibited and this can slow their labor down.

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