doula trainer

Train the Doula Trainer Workshop

Talented birth professionals can make a living facilitating doula, childbirth educator, lactation, and other related maternal health training workshops.


Marilyn Hildreth CPI Trainer

Marilyn Hildreth has over 35 years of experience in Maternal Child Health Nursing, including supervisory, flight, and staff nursing. She has also been a certified childbirth educator for 30 years, doula trainer for 10 years, and serves as an instructor for various CPI Workshops. She consults with local and international hospitals wanting to implement the CIMS Mother Friendly Childbirth Initiative into their practice.

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presentation tips

10 Ways to Improve Your Presentation

Tell the truth. You have sat through a really bad presentation before. The speaker may have been good, but the presentation was sub par or just plain bad.

Did it start out with the person unable to hook up their computer, claiming they just don’t know about these “new” things.

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