Childbirth Online Continuing Education

CPI offers online learning opportunities awarding contact hours and nursing CEUs for members/nonmembers needing to renew their certifications as doulas, childbirth educators, breastfeeding specialists, etc.


— Provide the opportunity for critical exploration of current birth topics and research.

— Provide the opportunity to expand tech skills.

— Practice and review labor coping techniques and comfort strategies.


Sessions will include watching videos, completing simple assignments, reading books/articles, or writing short papers for participants to earn contact hours.

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Addressing the Birth Differences for African American Women

3 contact hours, $75

This session includes the stories of African American families. Participants will exam current issues and discuss strategies for change.

The evidence for mainstreaming US Midwifery Care

4 contact hours, $100

This session looks at current research and the finding that support universal midwifery integration into the US health care system.

Rebozo Techniques Independent Study

4 contact hours $100

This session is experiential for participants to learn Rebozo techniques.

Better Presentation Strategies

5 contact hours $125

This session discusses best practices for creating and delivering presentations that engage audiences.

History: The Power of African American Midwives in 1950s

2 contact hours $50

This session studies the history of African American midwifery care during the last century and the impact on the Black family.

In depth study: Black Women Birthing Justice

12 contact hours $250

This session will be a four week self paced study reading themed essays of Black Women Birthing Justice. Participants will analyze, discuss, and reflect upon the themes. An important session to begin bringing change and equality.

Racial Bias in Birth: Listening brings change

3 contact hours $75

This session shares the first hand experiences of African American women in the US maternity care system.

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