9. The Necessity of Medication

I understand the need for medication. I experienced labor twice, without medication and still remember the challenging parts.

With each of my labors I got panicky at the end and asked for an epidural. I chose to have both of my children at home with a licensed midwife who does not administer epidurals. I knew that having an epidural during my labor was not possible unless I got into the car and drove to my local hospital. With my first birth, I momentarily thought about it, but as I was in the middle of an intense contraction with back pressure, I could not realistically imagine physically moving my body into the car, so the epidural was out, and I have no regrets. However, if I had given birth at my local hospital I think I would have opted for some form of medication.

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8. Endorphins

Endorphins are a pain reliever produced by your body. Endorphins allow you to tolerate more then you think you can. They are similar to a narcotic such as morphine. As labor progresses and intensifies endorphin levels rise allowing women to cope with labor.

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6. Move Around During Birth

Birth really functions best when a woman is able to move her body into different positions. Many women instinctively know how to place their bodies. The best position will feel best. The wrong position may increase pain. It is important that a woman listen to her body during labor. The body is a true guide during this process. The body is reliable, trust worthy, and unfailing. The body was designed to carry women through birth.

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5. My Birth Experience

I will tell you my story, but not all at once.

To begin, I decided to give birth at home.

I came to that decision because I was employed as a childbirth educator and doula before I became pregnant. My professional work allowed me to obtain information and understand the process of birth before I experienced it. With the knowledge I had, I concluded that the best option for me when I became pregnant was to give birth at home with a licensed midwife.

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