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doula care

Two Options for Doula Certification

Our program is simple. Start a rewarding career today! We partner with local hospitals so CPI doulas can use their skills right away.

birth yoga

Body Awareness Birth Yoga

Guide women to discover their inner power and strength. Birth Yoga educators combine prenatal yoga techniques with childbirth class information.

childbirth class

Childbirth Educator Certification

We train both hospital staff, community groups, and independent professionals to teach interactive, informative, and empowering childbirth classes.

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CPI Training Faculty

Approved trainers for Childbirth Professionals International to facilitate evidence-based maternal health workshops.


Affirmations: a simple birth tool

Affirmations are words or phrases that are positive, validating, and empowering. Used through pregnancy they can prepare women to cope with labor. As well they are useful with managing all forms of stress.

Even if an affirmation is used only during the birth experience for the first time, the right words can turn a stressful or challenging moment around.

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